Friday, January 12, 2018

Sufism is new hope for Muslims all over the world

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Sufism is new hope for Muslims all over the world

In This Blog I am presenting some benefits of Sufism, be informed that, I am not telling here that the Sufism is the Only right thing, but I am telling here that at least the Sufism is a last resort of Muslims in the near future, the future which will be very painful for the muslims of the world.

The modern muslims who are educated view sufism as a thing of ignorance and biddah i.e. invention after the death of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and there are muslims who are less educated and even uneducated who view these modern muslims as deviated persons from true islamic teaching, actually both these muslims are in misunderstanding, all sects in islam are right in intentions, sect creation is not desired in islam, but even if there are sects then if they believe in only one God & they believe in divine guidance through prophets & their books & they believe in divine judgement & in angels of the God and if all the sects of Islam believe in the termination of the prophet-hood after the prophet Mohammad (PBUH), then there is no harm if there are sects in islam.
The Sufism is not a sect of Islam, generally it is a great misunderstandings in the modern muslims that the sufism is a sect, and it is a innovative i.e. illegitimate sect, but in reality Sufism is not even a sect of Islam, the Sufism is mere an emotion of devotion to the God, it is the emotion of the pious muslims to devote to the God and his final messenger PBUH.
it is right that There are some people who happened to be sufis and they invented certain things for devotion, but their intention was not to invent things, but they invented in the state of ecstasy and annihilation in the love of the God, such acts are forgivable in the sight of the God as they are committed in the state of unconsciousness or unawareness in the state of emotional resonance.

To be continued................inshaAllah